Material For Dental Bedding

Repair of medical and dental equipment
Стоматологические кресла

The Alpari-Keja firm will return to life. Renovate the medical furniture that has been served Don't rush to raise money to buy expensive. Medical furnitureif you're in a hurry to update the interior or stand on the verge of opening a new health centre.

We'll offer you a rich flower gamma for the cure, you'll be able to feel like designers and transform the boring hospital interior into healing oasis. The sea of blossom will be offered by your excavational vision and a demanding taste.

For the Alpari-Cozh's boiling, you'll be advised by an artificial skin that we have in our greatest range.

We're offering artificial skin designed to cultivate medical furniture, hospital beds, surgical tables, dental chairs, matttresses, purifications and physiotherapy projectiles.

This leather is treated with chlorine and is indispensable for surgical tables, dental chairs.
This leather is uncomfortable, hospital staff will only thank you for this choice.
This leather is indifferent to natural skin and gives you a rich and profitable species.
This leather doesn't wet, you can set a couch in a bath, a sauna and a physiotherapy office.
This leather has been hygienic certification at the Medical Institute.

Managers and owners of health centres and dental clinics save money and take care of your patients and visitors, because the good mood for quick recovery and improved self-reliance is good.

We will. Replacement of an old medical couch and a surgical table, medical furniture and dental chairmassage table and physiotherapy projectile♪ The Alpari-Coy will give a new life to old furniture, you heal the malpractice, and we are transforming your good old assistants, your old-time medical furniture, which we are always happy to offer our help.

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