Medesy Dental Tools And Equipment

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A company producing a wide range of dental instruments. Medesy has been in its history since 1380, when the city of Maniago has laid a solid foundation for a black and handicrafted case. Later, knives, scissors, surgical and other tools were produced. At the beginning of the 19th century, the arts of the blacksmith became a dominant feature in the city ' s economy, which later marked Maniago as a city producer of best tools. Today, the production of tools is based on this quality tradition that has evolved into a whole culture.

The development of the production and marketing philosophy of Medesy has clear directions: to fully meet the expectations of clients through the realization of the objectives of the product. Medesy ' s quality culture was created by unique, carefully designed rules, as a result of fruitful work with researchers and dental practitioners. The wealth of knowledge, professionalism and continuous improvement of products offer better dental and surgical tools that fully meet the requirements of modern dental clinics and centres.

All Medesy products are produced from high quality stainless steel, subject to thorough verification and control at all stages of production, which ensures full compliance with international standards ISO and CE: UN EN ISO 9001:2000, UNI CEI EN ISO and CE standards.

All activities of the company are aimed at meeting the needs of clients in full. Medesy uses the most modern marketing and communication tools that make the company even more successful and productive with its clients. The choice of the right type of steel from which MEDESY instruments are produced is fundamental if you need high-quality tools.

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