Rental Of Dental Chair Per Hour In Moscow

Rental of a medical unit
Аренда стоматологического

Rental of office (medical, cosmetological, massage)

It is proposed that a fully equipped and ready-to-receipt hospital will be rented at 14 square metres on the first floor of the administrative building.

The health centre is located 3 minutes on foot. Metro Bibirevo according to the scheme.

The centre ' s building is located in a lively, far-reaching location, and there is a convenient parking area.

Office Photo 1

Office photo 2

We are prepared to consider moving your services and activities through the resources of our clinic: internal advertising, website, location and other channels of promotion.

Many of our patients are interested in providing them with services that we don't do, so we're not just offering. Rental of a medical office, and invite interested persons to mutually beneficial cooperation. For example, every second patient needs orthopaedic strings, massage or manuscript therapy, additional medical advice - therapists, gynaecologists or urologists.

аренда кабинетаAs a separate service, we are prepared to answer your patients' questions on a multi-channel phone.

By working with us, your potential clients will find out about you much faster!

Rental of office in Moscow

The Cabinet has to relax and rest: soft lighting, music, comfortable atmosphere. Single towels and sheets shall be provided as necessary. There's a locker, a sanitar, a nice lounge to rest and wait. Medical rent. Rental of offices at the existing Medical Centre. Diagnostic, curative and other medical services. You can provide various medical or cosmetological services if you rent a medical office in our successful clinic.

Office hourly rent

Our clinic offers and offers. hourly lease Office on the agreed schedule of work. The hourly rent of the office makes significant savings if your activities do not require a permanent presence in the office. The terms of the hourly lease can be found below. An hourly lease is possible for practising doctors, cosmetologists, massagers, druglogs, homopaths or other medical or cosmetology specialists.

The health centre occupies the first floor in an administrative building with a convenient area and a parking lot. It's in the ashes of access from the Bibirevo Metro station. Suitable access routes, parking, security, Internet. Licences are physiotherapy, functional diagnostics, nursing. Complete reconstruction took place in 2010, Eurorenovation.

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