Sell Dental Equipment

Sale of dental equipment and installations in leasing
Продать стоматологическое

lizing_1We are confident that leasing finance will enable you to acquire modern dental equipment promptly on simple and understandable terms. The list of dental equipment transferred to leasing is prepared in accordance with the needs and wishes of the buyers (stomatological installations, individual computer tomography and orthopathography, individual X-rays and radios, dental lasers, dental sterilization, dental clinics).

Special proposal:

1. Minimum value of equipment transferred to Ling from 600,000 roubles. ;

2. The minimum advance payment is 20 per cent;

3. The leasing contract is 2 x years (with the possibility of early payment)

4. Ling payments are made on a monthly basis (extractive scheme);

5. The annual average is between 10 and 18 per cent.

Lizing recipient assessment criteria:

1. The amount of proceeds per year should be twice the amount of leasing fees per year;

2. Free of loss during the last reporting year and the last two quarters;

3. Institutional and legal form: legal person (GS, PAO, etc.);

4. period of existence of the organization: more than 2 years (if less, funding may be available under the sponsorship of another organization).

Benefits of purchasing dental equipment in leasing:

1. The possibility of receiving a State grant in the amount of an advance payment;

2. The lack of additional security, as the collateral is self-leasing equipment;

3. No overpayment of VAT 18 per cent, since our company has a value-added tax benefit;

4. Lizing insurance;

5. The security of the transaction, i.e. correct documentation with the supplier and the insurance company, legal verification of the counterparts, work only with reliable companies;

6. Lack of need for major lump-sum financial investments;

7. Savings on income taxes through the transfer of leasing payments to full cost;

8. The possibility of attracting additional funding, such as credit, as leasing payments do not increase debt in the balance sheet and do not affect the ratio of own and borrowing.

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