Ball Dental Equipment

Dental of 3,000 lower corn
Анестезия в стоматологии
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The NewDENT company is the right holder of the MERCURY trademark in the State register of trademarks and service marks.
MODEL FOR LOAD SIGNS No. 580076 of 08 July 2016
Important information for buyers!

We are exclusive representatives of the AY-A3000 model.


Doctor's module on 5 tools:
Cross control and other convenient functions for a doctor
3 programmed provisions of the chair
Automatic washing of the sheep and filling the glass by heating water
3 turbine hoses without fibroctic
The dental " water - air " , with a fast-track end;
The medical unit has a pneumonograph.
Possibly equipped with an aspiration system to connect the vacuum plague.
SKYDENT fitted with a key MERCURY equipment!
Supporting module on 4 tools:
Pulmonary and sluno-sump (possibly Mono-Jet)
Air gun
4 tools: bulb for polymerization, micromotor or turbines
Diod sensor 6-point 25 000 - 45,000 lux
Control of the doctor ' s block, leg paediatrics, and sensory and mechanical inclusion on the lighter
Biple balanced suspension
Patient chair
Synchronization of seat and back motions (automatic forward seat rotation at back and vice versa)
The head restraint has a three-axis articulation function and a possibility of restructuring for child reception
Leather material (shoe rim)
2 submarines
24B (Germany)
The chair is equipped with two independent elletromechanical engines that drive the seat and back up, which can raise the weight to 250 kg.
The keramic sampler, light removable (treaded) and rotated to 90°, consists of three parts (haved from glass, two other parts from porcelain)
Hydroblock integrated boxes for des infectious napkins
Distilled water system
Multifunctional control pedal
Doctor's chair is one.
Assistant's stable is one.

Presentation at Dental Revue Exhibition

Possible skin colours:


The special dental installation of 3,000 measures is intended for all types of surgery, therapeutic and orthopaedic procedures in modern dental science. Mercury 3,000 is defined as a sufficiently large chair with a skin coating. There is a paedal regulator present on the ends, allowing for the smoothest possible regulation of the device, depending on the situation.

We can purchase MERCURY 3000 with the following advantages:

♪ The product has excellent quality.
♪ We only deliver directly.
♪ It's enough for the product to contact the company manager.

What are the features of the installation?

The module has access to five different tools. By flushing the shell, as well as filling the glass, may be carried out in a pre-programmed time.

Mercure 3,000 has nine programmed seating options. An assistant module with a dedicated toolbox is designed to accommodate 4 dental devices. There is an adjustable sulmon pump, as well as a vacuum cleaner who can move smoothly on three axles.

And here is a hydroblock with a sample type of swap consists of a glass element and a pair of parts made from a stone. There is a built-in box that is intended to disinfect the used dentist napkins. Additional MERCURY 3000 is equipped with a water heater, a high-quality plumbing system and a closed lighter with several lighting options. It's characterized by the presence of a sensor.

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