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Dental and equipment
Турбинный наконечник PANA-MAX

The wide network of Sotos companies offers a variety of, qualitative dental materials and equipment. Using the services of the firm, the dental clinic can be fully equipped with manipulative and diagnostic offices.

Large choice of proposed dental equipment

We're offering to buy dental equipment of these types:

  • Different types of implants
  • The tool used in the bone plate;
  • Tomography and other state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment;
  • Fisiodispensers;
  • Dental installations;
  • Instruments for passwords and other dentals.

In addition to the equipment, the company offers dental materials to restore tissue and bones, communication materials and others for all treatments. We'll give the client any product, ranging from elementary syringes and bands to top-to-point modern lab microscopes.

The quality of the proposed dental equipment and materials in SPB and other cities in Russia is checked by the company in its own clinics. So Stomus is testing what sells, selects more good suppliers, develops new diagnostic and treatment technologies.

Sale of technology

Medicine, in particular dental medicine, is specific in that the sale of dental equipment is not sufficient to provide full customer service. To be effective, the treatment of patients should be well used. purchased dental equipmentto know all its possibilities and the alleged harm to humans (if any). Therefore, in addition to modern equipment and quality materials, Sotomus offers information support to clients. It is implemented in the form of:

  • Lectures;
  • Seminars (not only in SPB but abroad);
  • Advice;
  • Treatment protocols;
  • Online consultations;
  • Hot lines.

The company deals with the sale of modern technologies and treatment methods to ensure that their customers reach high levels in the diagnosis and treatment of dental patients. In addition, we have an indicative type of operation for the training and development of professionals, offer data decoding services from the tomography and other modern diagnostic equipment.

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