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Technomed Medical Engineering Centre
Кресло стоматологическое

The Technomed Centre, established at the Dagestan State Technical University, has a licence No. 80 for the maintenance of medical equipment issued by the Federal Health and Social Development Supervision Service (ROSDDRAWNADZOR)
The main activity of the Centre is licensed to be the maintenance of the following types of medical equipment:
Clinical diagnostic devices and apparatus;
- instruments, equipment and equipment for orinolaringology;
- instruments, equipment and equipment for ophthalmology;
- instruments, apparatus and equipment for urology and blood purification outside the body;
- instruments, equipment and equipment for functional diagnostics;
- Laboratory, morphological and epidemiological devices and equipment.
The Centre shall:
Installation of medical and technological equipment;
Maintenance and repair of medical equipment, guarantee and post-guarantee services;
Advice on the installation of clinics and equipment selection;
Renovation and maintenance of technology equipment;
Maintenance and repair of office automation equipment;
Establishment of a single local network in clinics and hospitals, installation and maintenance of computers, software;
Installation of video surveillance systems in clinics and hospitals;
Development of hospitals ' websites, clinics, health centres, sanatoriums, boards.
The services of the Medicine Centre, Technomed, are focused on health facilities of a variety of specializations and activities: public and private clinics, counselling centres.

Over the past period of operation of the Centre Technomed, agreements have been concluded with clinics and hospitals providing a wide range of medical services to the population of the Republic of Dagestan, including the GU " R. P. Askerhanova Medical Centre " , the " Y. S. Ismaila Health Centre " ,

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