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Dental installation estetica e30 tm, kavo, germania
Стоматологический лазер Doctor

Стоматологическая установка с нижней подачей Kavo Германия990 000 shirt 795 000

The KaVo ESTETICA E30 dental facility is designed in such a way as to be equally well suited to work on both sides of the chair. ESTETICA E30 can be easily reassigned from work on the patient ' s right to work on the left side and vice versa in less than two minutes.

Cogeneration of Estetic E30 dental facility

Element of a doctor

Base installation- includes turbine lighting hose, KaVo INTRA LUX Motor KL 703 electric motor and three-functional pistol

  • Upper / lower delivery of tools.
  • The holder of hoses on 5 free movement instruments in 6 directions.
  • Three-functional Air One.
  • INTRA LUX Motor KL701 electric fused electric motor vehicle with SMARTdrive.
  • KaVo PIEZOsoft Ultrasonic Skeiler with 1 dental board.
  • Element of control on a built-in screen.
  • A medical kit.
  • Кресло пациентаElement of assistant

    A suitable spinal element of the assistant, base assembly includes a vacuum hose and salmon hose)

  • Holder for four tools.
  • Vertical and horizontal control remote.
  • Comfort Installation Control.
  • Slumbing salmon.
  • It's a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  • The vacuum connection system for the external wet pump.
  • ГидроблокPatient chair

  • A soft lipstick.
  • Spinca Progress.
  • A double-articulation head restraint and a turning fixer.
  • Left pan.
  • 13 lipstick colours, including two special colours bright red and blue.
  • Hydrolock

  • A removable porcelain oven.
  • An external wet lipstick.
  • A free-water system.
  • Compact hydroblock with a possible turn to 60°
  • Functions of hygiene - your advantages at first sight

  • Confident hygiene every day without time, due to good hygiene functions for the continuous reduction of microbes
  • Стоматологические установки KaVo Estetica E30 Гигиена hygiene2 - KaVo Dental KaVo INTRA LUX KL 703 LED Стоматологические установки KaVo Estetica E30 Essential-Line-или-Evolution-Line KL703LED - KaVo Dental

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