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Zirnov oil technology
На Жирновском стадионе

The history of the Zirnov oil technician is inextricably linked to the development of oil fields in the Girnov region and in the Volgograd region as a whole.
In 1949, large quantities of oil and gas were found in the area and oil specialists were dire.
This was largely due to the fact that, in 1965, at the direction of the Council of Ministers of RSFSR of 24 November 64, the Zirnov Geological Survey was organized in accordance with Order No. 561 of Sovnarjoz of the Lower Volge Economic Area and was located in eight apartment building on Forest Street.

In 1968, by Order No. 102 of the Ministry of Petroleum Industry, it was renamed the Zirnov oil technician with day, evening and distance training.
In 1970, a new four-story building of Lenin Street technician opened its doors.

In 1971, the technical hostel.
In 1982, a second body was commissioned specifically for special subjects.
Over the past 40 years, the technical unit has been strengthened, transformed and expanded into a major educational institution. At present, technical branches have been established not only in the Volgograd region but also in Siberia, but also in Astrahan.

The Technical Workshop consists of the following branches:
from 1992 to Streuje Tom
from 1994 to Nyagan Tymen province, Frolovo Volgograd region
in p.m. Elan Volgograd, in the Rudny of Volgograd
from 1997 to
from 2000 to Southrsk Tymen province, Astrahan province

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