Dental Equipment To Buy Minsk

Dental, dental services in mills, belarus


Dental is one of the oldest medical disciplines and dental records are found in the physicians of ancient India, Greece, China. Having examined the recommendations and methods of treatment of that time, I want to resurrect: " I live in the 21st century! "

The hospital in Belarus is a high level of affordable health services, unique medical technologies and modern quality materials, strict quality control and professional skills, an acceptable price.

The dental in Minsk is also required by foreign patients because treatment, prosthetic, implantation in Beloroussiia clinics are much more cost-effective than in Russia, EU and CIS countries.

Dental equipment of the Lekara clinic

In our medical centre, doctors ' jobs are equipped with import dental facilities with a lot of options.

The equipment we use for diagnosis and treatment enables the production of dental prostheses, digital radiography and endodontic treatment and other procedures at the level of world standards. High infectious control is ensured by the sterilization of tools through modern equipment, which enables the specialists of our clinic to guarantee safety in the provision of dental care.

Our specialists.

At the Lekara Hospital, dental services in Minsk are provided by experienced professionals who continuously upgrade their skills and study advanced dental techniques and techniques. Our specialists are willing to provide dental care at a professional level, with an individual approach, good and responsible attitude towards each patient.

Dental services of the Lekara Medical Centre:

  • A digital X-ray study with a panoramic image. Digital X-ray equipment not only provides high-quality images, CDs and clinical electronics. ♪ ♪
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