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To open the dental office, it's not enough to be a good specialist and have some experience. In addition, appropriate equipment, equipment and a wide range of tools and dental materials should be procured.

The performance of a dental doctor depends largely on the quality of the equipment and the technical equipment of his office. Good dental equipment with high operational characteristics significantly improves productivity and positively affects the level of delivery of services to the patient.

In the Coral dental Internet store, you can choose everything necessary to equip a dental office from scratch or to renovate a more new and effective machine.

Our website has a huge choice of goods and materials, so in the event of difficulty in choosing and saving time, you can always ask our specialists for help. Qualified consultants will help make the right choice, depending on the type of clinic you have, the size of your office and your wishes and capabilities.

How do you make the right choice of dental equipment?

Modern and high-profile equipment must be installed in the dental clinic in order to provide high-quality staff services and comfort. There are several types of equipment, depending on different tasks:

1. Dental equipment for medical manipulation. In turn, it is:

  • Basic (the dental facility and the patient chair, the desk and chair for the dental doctor, the assistant chair),
  • Additional tools, instruments for medical procedures, including an accelerator, photopolymerization lamp, diatermometer, amalgamoser, surgical kits and other tools.

2. Equipment for disinfection and sterilization of tools, which include: sterilization cabinet, public locker, bactericide lamp, dry cabinet and other.

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