Old Dental Chair

Портативна стомат.установка

C1+ Стоматологическая установка классаFarmDentM is the representative of Sirona and Fona in Tumeni.

The Sierra Dental Sistems GmbH has been operating since 1997 following the sale of the Simens AG, a former dental plant belonging to him. Building on our factory in Bensheim, Germany, on the vast experience we have gained in the production of medical equipment over 120 years and on our most modern methods of development, manufacture and marketing, we are trying to offer our clients dental equipment with their best value/quality ratio.

"Siron Dental Sistems GmbH" offers the widest range of high-quality products and services for dental staff:

  • Dental installations
  • X-ray machines
  • Multifunctional CAD/CAM systems for computer simulation and ceramic relays
  • Hygiene and tools management
  • Dental instruments

C2+ — Комфортная стоматологическая установка для тех, кто предъявляет повышенные требования.C1+ - Lux class dental unit. Maximum comfort for a doctor and patient.

The Sirona C1+ dental facility meets the highest criteria of ergonomy and hygiene.

In practice, this means:

  • Automatic patient positioning system: for optimum treatment of the patient ' s position, regardless of patient ' s growth and doctor ' s
  • Dynamic doctor ' s ability to work - transversely seated and standing; adjusting the seat height of the patient ' s chair from 350 mm to 925 mm
  • Electrical movement of the doctor ' s module in parallel to the chair, automatic removal of the upper part of the module, which would prevent the patient ' s legs from being caught in hoses
  • 6 items for medical module tools
  • Optimal deployment of tools in a certain manner
  • Auto-regulated head restraint, followed by anatomy of the patient's head
  • ErgoMotion system for synchronized seat and seat back motions: no vegetation effects and compression of clothing in the patient. Constantly optimum patient head position on head restraint.
  • Liquid crystallic indicators on medical modules and assistants to indicate all functions
  • Possibility of programming the chair and the tools for 3 doctors
  • Abdominal control of all functions by means of pedal or manual control with sensor buttons on liquid crystal displays
  • Auxiliary module with a hand-held parallel seating system at an adjustable height of the console with a high angle of deviation
  • Function of switching on or switching off the pump to cross-action pedals with the aspirator module
  • Rotary-wheeler (only for right-hand doctors) and built-in disinfection plant
  • Possibility of placing SIROCAM 2 intraorial cell on the medical module or on the holder

C2+ - A comfort dental facility for those with advanced requirements. (details)

C4+ Cartversion — Функциональная стоматологическая установка стандартного класса с модулем врача на роликах. C6 — Гибкая, легкая в управлении стоматологическая установка с подпружиненными шлангами инструментов. C8 — Совершенная установка, которая будет C8+ — Новая стоматологическая установка Sirona C8+: Многофункциональность и гибкость.
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