Orthopaedic Mattresses Of Dental Chair

Comfort-dent - orthopaedic matress "comfort-dent lux "

Фотография Ортопедический матрас «Comfort-Dent Lux» 9000

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Comfort-Dent matttress is an orthopaedic product designed to convenience a patient during dental treatment, as well as to protect cover dental chairs installations.

Filling: Special visco-à-vis thermo-sensitive material with a memory of shape.
Cloth: Using a polyurethane coating, very soft and elastic. She's totally waterproof, but at the same time she can breathe.

The model is available in four colours: Lux white, Lux gray, Lux green, Lux blue.

Undisputed advantages for the clinic:
- Extended comfort for the patient, especially in long-term care;
- Preservation of the seat folding material;
- The product conceals the existing defects of the rim (stain, cuts, stains, scratches, etc.) and updates the appearance of the installation.

Comfort-Dent is making use of state-of-the-art materials. Special visco-à-vis thermo-sensitive material with the memory of the shape determines the basic characteristics of the matttress. Its structure is a multitude of boxes of microscopic holes in the walls. When the material is pressurized, the air through these openings flows from one cell to another, which is why the pressure is absorbed. In addition, the possibility of circulating air through holes between cells provides internal ventilation of material. By possessing these properties, he is capable of being subtle to the body and does not resist. Without being pressurized, the patient turns out to be invisible.

For the manufacture of the Comfort-Dent Lux, special tissue with semi-retane coating is used, very soft and elastic. It's completely waterproof, but at the same time it's capable of breathing, it's easy to remove any contamination, it's a machine laundry at 95 degrees and even a carclave at a temperature of up to 130 degrees. The filler shall not be erased for the entire period of operation, as it has been processed by a special tool to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

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