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Make an orthontomogram in Sanct Petersburg
Аренда здания 600 кв.м, м
Ортопантомограф нашей клиники

Cost of orthopathograms in the EXCLUS clinic

At our hospital in Vasilev district, dental records have a cost that is available in the SPB for every patient and is 1,000 roubles. If necessary and at the patient ' s request, the dental panorama (orthopatomogram) can be retained on the modern digital media (CD, CD-ROM). Compact disc is free.

Make an orthontomogram in the SPB.

Inscribed in a private multi-dimensional EXCLUSIV clinic to obtain any modern high-quality high-technology dental service, starting with an orthopathantomography (paper dental scan) and ending with the implantation of teeth and plastics in dentals, it is possible to record daily or 24 hours a day a day at the site of the dentist. The clinic is located on Vasiliev Island, on the streets of the Shipbuilders, house 33, Corps 2, near the subway station of Primorsky.

The benefits of our clinic

EXCLUSIV clinic Make an orthopatogram at the most attractive price in the SPB. The modern digital orthopathontomography allows for the rapid quality of the panoramic X-rays. If necessary, an informative rear, front and side picture of jaws and teeth can be obtained after the study, which can be combined and presented in one image.

Panoramic X-rays in modern orthopathomography at the EXCLUZIL clinic guarantee high quality images and are characterized by attractive technological features such as:

  • Automatic exposure;
  • controlled contrast and brightness;
  • compensation for the X-ray shadow from the bodies of the upper cervical vertebrae;
  • The vehicle ' s motions in a horizontal plane around the patient ' s head.
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