Stomatological Chair Photo

Thank you, Doctor!
Стоматологическая поставщик

Спасибо, доктор! Интервью из стоматологического креслаA real professional's appointment doesn't hurt or scared.

The Novureng City Dental Health Clinic is famous for specialists who help patients even in the most difficult cases. One of her employees, Andrei's dentist surgeon, the German correspondent, KS, was able to communicate with her own teeth.

Patiences of the GOOD

The doctor's verdict was inexorable: the tooth under the metal oceramic cortone cannot be treated, but removed. For a few more weeks, I've been building up, reading all the scars in the tyrenet, and I finally came to the city dentist.

From fear, even after the introduction of the painkiller, I've been in a coma, I've swamped, and I'm stuck in the sleeves of my coffee so that it doesn't work out like this: here's your tooth, here's your hands from the chair.

♪ Don't close your eyes, don't turn your head off! - I'll tear the bone down and get the roots one by one. You're not afraid of blood? Look, here's your root, here's your second. How are you feeling? All right? If there's nothing to worry about in three days, you won't come to me again.

I was six months afraid, and I spent ten minutes in the chair. Every action by Andrei Ivanovich was stunned, fast and most importantly confident. I've got trust in God's free will: the doctor knows what to do, everything will be fine. The wound was pretty tight, and it didn't bother anymore. Thank God for the doctor!

There's no time to be here.

The same impressions after the surgical office was left by another patient, Anna Popova.

♪ I went to a doctor with severe pain, told the girl. - I've got a tooth of wisdom, but the dess has prevented him from cutting. Andrei Ivanovich has been very helpful to me, quickly, calmly and without further movement. I didn't even get scared, and he already did his job and let me go. Thank you so much for his professionalism!

DOCTOR's welcome!

The patient ' s opinion has also been shared by a staff member of Saadat Nasrov ' s dentology, who has been watching Andrey Nemtsov ' s and his nurses for years.

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