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Стоматологическое кресло SDS

When do you hear the word "stomatology," what's the first thing in mind? Do you think they're making pictures of teeth, tools, syringes? Is there a sound of cricket and a steady smell of dental cabinet that you're not compromising with? I understand you well! You and I used to be alike, but only I had this row from the beginning of my first visit to a baby doctor, and so far it's changed. The first thing I'm associated with is the word dental is the hands of a doctor. And frankly, I don't think that's ever gonna change. Because the real clinic begins with professionalism, experience, team. The clinic is primarily doctors! With that, I'm sure you won't argue.

I didn't want to go to the debrie, but I just can't help but mention the word "development." "What about, for example, the professionalism that we were talking about? He's included in this concept!" - You tell me. Of course it does, but not every dental clinic gives a doctor who has already formed to develop! The dentist isn't standing. Therefore, a good doctor in a couple of years without training, training or, for example, without a regular visit, the conference will become an incompetent doctor. So a good clinic is a clinic that's developing, modernizing, improving. The rate in medicine amounts to a fall.

The next thing I want to talk about is the existence of high-tech technology. dental equipment and high-end materials. The perfect clinic must have modern medical equipment for quality, comfort and, not least, rapid delivery. For example, a separate sterile office for operations where there is a convenient surgical chair that allows a patient to relax and spend no more than one hour of his time without any anxiety. Or an O.R. microscope that literally saves patients' teeth, like an orthopathontomography with a function 3D, which makes it as complete and accurate as possible. Which means doctors can do a lot, but X-ray, unfortunately we don't. Which means we need to use the technology!

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