Dental Equipment From Germany

About the company
Стоматологическая установка

MYDent24 was established to market dental and dental products in the Russian market. Our team is a team of professionals who prioritizes the quality of the product.

We represent in the dental market of Russia sales of dental equipment A number of companies under exclusive conditions. Regular participation in prestigious international exhibitions allows us to continuously expand the range of proposed products through a dental market.

The careful selection of suppliers ensures that we have a high-quality product, we offer our clients dental materials and equipment For therapy, orthopaedia, surgery, orthodony, we also provide dental equipment:

Germany (HUGE DENTAL, China), sealing materials, cement, dental materials (WILLMANN PEIN, Germany), silicons, burnt-out materials (DETAX, Germany), polymerization bulbs
We are the exclusive distributor of DETAX, HUGE DENTAL, WILLMANN ' PEIN, MULLER-OMICRON (technical silicons), ANDERS DENTAL (all product range).

In its work, our dentist company is putting a high level of customer service. The experienced managers of our dental shop will consult and help identify appropriate waste materials and tools for your dental practice, recommend novels of world dental producers. Our warehousing spaces provide a wide range of product nomenclatures, and our managers complete the largest and most complex orders. For the convenience of our clients, we provide services for the delivery of tools and consumables on Moscow.

Working with us is quality, speed and convenience - quality, so necessary for dental and dental work.

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