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Dental bleaching
Стоматологическое оборудование

Косметическое отбеливание зубов в ГеленджикеOSMETICAL LAW.
The cosmetics gel contains an active lighter that is activated by a light bulb and, when entering the tooth surface, reacts to the emal. The change in dental colour is due to the discoloration of free oxygen radicals. In doing so, the gel only affects the surface of the tooth, without causing damage to dental emotion and dess. The lighting may be carried out in stages, but after the first procedure the teeth become lighter on 4-12 tones.


How strong will the lighting effect be?

The degree of lighting is individual and depends on the natural colour of the teeth of each individual. We can't light our teeth more than their nature. Nevertheless, we can restore the natural whiteness of your teeth. So, after the first session of lighting, teeth become lighter on 2-9 tones, coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine removed.

How often can we repeat lighting?

There is no time limit between several sessions of lighting. You can make a cosmetical dental light at any convenient time, for example, before the wedding, an important meeting, a date, a photo shoot or an interview. Snow teeth remain constant, with several lighting sessions periodically used. For people who do not consume coffee or smoke, one full lighting session per month is sufficient to maintain a stable white-coloured teeth to maintain an effect of 5 to 6 months. For amateurs of red wine, coffee, tea and smokers, cosmetic dental lighting should be carried out as often as possible.

Are there undesirable side effects?

For years of experience abroad, no side effects have been identified. The gel we use is not toxic and does not harm your system. This is 100 per cent cosmetics that meet the most stringent requirements of the European Union.

What do you want after the lights?

The gel operates for several hours, so hot drinks shall not be drinkable within 2 hours of lighting. Smoking is desirable not before 24 hours after the lighting procedure.

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