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Продам стоматологическое

As a bright star of Sirius in the sky, there has been no loss, and even very visible, in the Peruvian market of medical equipment and consumables, of her Earth sister, a company with a single name.

Station Company "Sirious" Since 1993, there has been in the Perm Market and enjoys good glory in all cities and areas of our field. Our company is one of the first in the Perm Krai Provides not only dental equipment but also medical and preventive equipment.

Фирма Сириус

Cyrius often wins the provincial and city administration ' s health boards to supply equipment to the Perm province ' s health-care facilities, but also performs pash-lady, trains hospital staff how to use them.

The Cyrius firm is always involved in exhibitions at Permi, Ijevske, Catherineburg, Ufe. Implementation modern dental equipmentNew technologies, health promotion and active participation in the dental services of the state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic equipment at the Sirius International Medical and Health Exhibition Center at the Pharma Fair.

Cyrius was the only company that had a training centre for students of the Russian Federation.future dentists were given the opportunity to work with VOCO 's materials, which it represents in the Perm region, free of charge.

Understanding the needs of clients helps us to grow up and achieve our goals, so our company has set up health centres where we see the improvement of the quality of life of the Permi and Permian people through health protection and rehabilitation.

The work of our health centres is based on the principle of common practice, the essence of which is to apply an integrated approach to the delivery of services: a general practitioner accompanys every client at all stages of service and coordinates the work of all specialized professionals.

This gives the clients of the Cyrius Medical Center the benefits of:

  • Removing from dispersed services to an integrated service process;
  • Appointment of only necessary consultations, studies and manipulations;
  • Exchange of information and experience among professionals;
  • Increased speed and efficiency of service.
  • Home-based services.
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