Dental Equipment Wh

Equipment and materials used

Ортопанорамный снимокAs theater begins with vesal, any dental treatment begins with diagnosis. Qualitative dental diagnosis is the first step towards your shining smile!

X-ray research

In our clinic, we use the latest German production apparatus, a recognized dental leader. Similar equipment is available at Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital. The high detail of the image provides the full amount of information necessary for:

  • Dental implantation;
  • dental rehabilitation;
  • Research into the temporal and lower secular joint;
  • Cephalometric study;
  • Examination of the channel of the neurb;
  • Research on previous operations.

We're offering the best!

Прицельный снимокORTHOPHOS XG 3: The world 's most popular X-ray system

High-quality, safe and reliable X-ray system ORTHOPHOS XG 3 is a good choice for dentists. With several standard panorama survey regimes and one visualization regime, the ORTHOPHOS XG 3 XG 3 X-ray system covers all major diagnostics. Only two light centers are required for the ideal positioning of patients. Automatic frontal and visual support systems stabilize the patient 's head position and prevent the risk of " imaging" when moving.

Xentgenaprat Kodak 2200

Kodak 2200 is an initial X-ray machine. This is the only apparatus with a high-frequency generator of 300 kHz and a radius load of 30 per cent lower than analog models. No competitors on radiation safety and comfort at work.

турбинный наконечникThe highest quality of the image at minimal exposure time!

Dental installations Sirona (Germany)

Sirona 's modern dental facilities meet all the needs of the doctor and provide maximum comfort to the patient. Inside video camera, air tip for denture, light skeiler, electric micromotors and polymerization light. It's the perfect means to draw and discuss with a patient the images and digital X-rays obtained by the intra-role cell.

The perfect hygien is always highly valued by patients. All hygiene components of Sirona can be dismantled and disinfected or sterilized. The built-in semi-automatic sanitary system ensures stable optimal water hygiene and significantly reduces the likelihood of bioples. The provision of an optical automatic disinfection system ensures reliable protection against the fall of contaminated water into the urban water supply system.

аппарат Air-flow

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