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The Panasonic Oral Care series is dental products that help to provide professional care for the whole mouth in the home. A unique ionization technology is targeted by removing the toothstone and revitalizing micro-pests in the mouth. The result won't make you wait a day, your breath will be fresh and your teeth whiteer!

Panasonic's dental products are primarily concerned about the state of desen, because it is the health of the teeth.

More than just leaving.

Full-time dental care would not just make a beautiful smile. The state of the mouth has a direct impact on health, in particular on digestation and, as a consequence, on self-esteem.

Scientists have shown a direct link between the health of the mouth and the normal work of the cardiovascular system. In fact, the cause of dental and dexen diseases is often bacteria, which, with blood flow, spread into the heart. How to protect yourself? Regular dentist visits and daily quality oral care through dental records Panasonic.

Comprehensive care in any situation

Unlike the usual dental cheeks, Panasonic models purify their teeth with ease, prevent the development of gingivite and password. The Panasonic Blade fulfils 31,000 vibrations per minute (e.g. EW-DE92) is more than the number of pure motions made by a normal toothbrush for a month!

Efficiently clean the hard-to-reach portions of the mouth (there's a large part of the bacteria sliding here) will help Panasonic irrigation. Even if normal comfort levels are not available (e.g. on the road), Panasonic Oral Care 's special portable dental products will provide full dental care.

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