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Sterilization is a process of destroying all types of microbial flora and virus through physical or chemical impacts. Sterilization is: vapour, dry, gas.

All medical tools should be sterilized.

What are the most popular sterilizers?

Air and vapour sterilizers are the most popular. Air sterilizers (sugars) are used to sterilize dry hot air. When sterilizing hot air, disease incinerators are destroyed by high temperature (180 °C).

What do you call the sterilizer?

Air sterilizers may be called:

  • Dry air wiper,

According to GOST 17726-81, the name of the class of devices is Air sterilizer.

The vapour sterilizers may be called:

According to GOST 17726-81, the name of the class of devices is " vapour sterilizer."

Which sterilizer is better?

Dry farms are much cheaper than autoclaves, so Russia has so far expanded. But the dryers have significant shortcomings:

  • There is a risk of damage to high temperature sterilized objects.
  • Long enough exposure cycle (at least 60 minutes).

In medical practice, it is preferable to use autoclaves. They do not damage tools and provide a shorter cycle of sterilization.

What kind of autoclaves are they?

Although steam treatment is sufficiently efficient, it cannot always sterilize the instrument. The reason for this is that airbands in sterilized facilities can serve as a thermal infirmary. The function of creating a pre-vacuum in impulse mode is used to address this problem.

The European Standard prEN 13060/1-4 is divided into three classes: “N”, “S” and “B”.

Class N " cars are used to sterilize only unpackaged items without vain and cheeks, whole-neutral tools loaded directly into the carclave chamber.

Class S cars for use Medical and dental practice in cases where the sterilization of instruments (in or without packaging) does not require the use of B " machines.

Class B autoclaves, with a pre-vacuum function and a vacuum drying function at the end of the sterilization process, may sterilize any type of medical tools and materials: massive, complete, porous, packaged in individual or double packaging of any type.

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