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Stoma Dental is a direct distributor of many dental products and can offer mutually beneficial terms of dental and dental cooperation.

Soma-Dental has been working on the market for the supply of dental goods since 1995 and is now one of the known and reliable suppliers of dental equipment and dental materials in the Russian market. We're not just delivering high-technology supplies. dental equipment and materials For dental clinics under the key, we also address legal support for dentists, the creation of a firm style and the design of clinics. Stoma Dental ' s office is located in Mosque and Habarovsk, which allows expeditious handling of the supply, guarantee and repair of dental equipment anywhere in the country.

Soma-Dental is a member of the Sotomatological Industry Association, and has also been registered with reliable suppliers of the Russian Dental Association. Our task - help the dentist solve all the problems he's facing. With our help, dentists have set up and set up their clinics. Not only is our leasing programmes the reason, but our firm belief that the success of the clinics is the key to our success!

This is our motto!

We're supplying the latest dental equipment for dental clinics of dental laboratories all over Russia. We're trying to meet all the dentists' needs - we'll find the prices you can afford. We'll offer you the equipment and materials that fit into your budget. Our suppliers are world-famous, well-known firms. As official distributors of companies - A-dec International Inc. (USA), Dentsply (Anglia), Maileffer (Switzerland), Humanchemie (Geramania), Gendex (USA), Leica (Germany), D-tec (Sweden), KAVO (Germany), VOCO (Germany), ACTEON GROUP (France), KERR (USA) Kettenbach (Germany) - for many years we have guaranteed the timeliness and continuity of supplies, reliable services and all necessary legal documentation for goods.

Please come on the Pricelist page to see the complete list and details of each product. Also visit our special site on the latest dental ultrasound equipment SATELEC, the world leader in the development and production of ultrasound dental devices. The professionalism of the staff of Stoma Dental, their concerted work and their keen interest in their business, as well as their individual approach to the client, are an integral part of the success of our company.

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