List Of Anaesthetic Office Equipment In Dental Science

Dental clinic premises up to 100 m2

#TOP DENTIS specialists are working on the design of dental offices, operating blocks of any difficulty. Projects are designed in accordance with all the requirements of San Pine. The work list includes: technological design, design, equipment dental equipment Both domestic and foreign production, follow-up and training of staff. Products are certified and have Rhostlandsor registration cards.

#Examples of clinics developed at different sites.

The private office 's technology project to 100 mm2 by computer simulation is presented below. The challenge was to open a dental clinic in a apartment building.# A dental office technology project with an individual x-ray and a radio auditor with a centralized compressor aspiration system is being developed.

Our specialists, based on Client's wishes, have developed a plan for the clinics (relocation of dental units, compressor, X-ray cabinet, sanuslov, etc.), a plan for air communications and aspiration. Bacteric radiator space. Electricity and grounding.# Calculation of energy consumption of dental equipment. Determine the optimum placement of equipment and submarines in compressor.

In the X-ray office in the building, it was possible to post an orthopathontomography to carry out panoramic images. The clinic 's final document provided the conditions for licensing in the relevant structures.

1 BTI Basic Plan

2The following location is proposed for dental offices and support rooms

3-Disin-project dental clinic

  • In room (1), a total area of 1, 80 m2 is a tambour.
  • A loll is located in room (2) with a total area of 11, 50 m2.
  • In room (3), a total area of 35, 20 m2, the dental office is located in two units.
  • A staff room is located in room (4) with a total area of 2.80 m2.
  • A total of 6.00 m2 is placed in room (5).
  • In room (6), a total area of 1.60 m2 is located in the toilet.
  • A technical room with compressor and aspiration equipment is located in room (7) for a total area of 1.40 m2.
  • A corridor is located in room (8) with a total area of 3, 20 m2.
  • In room (9) a total area of 2,50 m2 is the space.
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