New Dental Equipment

Dental equipment. modern dental
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Main state dental technology NCB

Modern dental facilities allow not only the production of all medical manipulations at the highest level of comfort for patients, but also unusually convenient and ergonomic for the attending physician.

Through the dynamic construction, the patient is placed in the most convenient position, which is important for the proper access to his mouth. Modern dentistry is not cheap.

In large part, this has to do with the technical saturation of this medical industry. Dozens of instruments surround a doctor and patient in a dental clinic. Let's try to figure out the most simple, first of all. Dental installation♪ Despite the obvious diversity, all of them are actually the same.

In our dental clinic, three generations of dental facilities have changed, from very expensive to the simplest. The first dental facilities we've driven from Germany.Рентгеновская установка Oralix 65AC Today, for patients in our dental clinics, we have opted for comfortable and functional facilities to treat with maximum comfort and quality.

Dental X-ray machine ORALIX 65AC

Before going to treatment, the dentist must provide accurate diagnosis. Often, this cannot be done without X-rays, so the dental clinic uses modern methods of X-ray diagnosis to accurately diagnose, as well as to monitor treatment.

The Italian X-ray machine ORALIX 65AC, which we use, has been designed to provide high-level X-ray diagnostics and is an excellent assistant doctor, makes X-ray surgery comfortable and quick for patients.

In addition, ORALIX AC certified by Gendex Quality System ISO 9001 and conforms to the most stringent standards of the International Electrical Commission for X-ray equipment: an apparatus with an additional shield (a cylindrical length of 10 cm and a thickness of 0, 3 mm), extinguishing dispersed radiation and improving image quality.

Termafil's dental system.

The Termafil system is a flexible concussable stereo, a carrier made of stainless steel, titanium or X-ray-contained plastic and super-cooled gutter layer. Guttapercha has a low temperature of heating, high turnover and abundance. High turnover of guttaperchi ensures a good penetration into the root microcanals.

Система Термафил Система Thermafil

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