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Floor: price increases and imports in dental science
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The services of dentists who celebrate their professional holiday on 9 February have greatly increased during the crisis. Most private dental clinics in Russia have to re-examine the prices, which have significantly affected patients ' pockets. So today, a visit to a paid dentist for many has become a luxury. Whether the price increases in dental science will continue in 2016, and as much as possible savings in the dental treatment, the RIMO correspondent has been identified.

Why is the Prescurant growing?

Photo: RIAMO, Alexander Kojohin

The dental system is leading the rate of demand for paid health services in Russia. According to a survey of Romier Research Holding, in 2015, 49 per cent of Rossians were paid for dental care. And that's not surprising. According to WHO, the incidence of carice among the adult population in the country is 98 per cent, with 78 per cent among children under 12 years of age.

According to Rosstat, in the past year, the real salary of the Russians fell by 9.5 per cent. Against this backdrop, the increase in paid services makes many patients, in a straightforward sense, stick their teeth on the shelf.

The President of the Association of Private Dental Clinics, a member of the Public Council of the Roscondsor Office of Moscow, Gennady Bragin, explains that the increase in costs is due to the growth of the Euro-Dollar.

♪ The most important aspect of the clinic ' s financial state is the increase in the prices of materials and equipment, which in the past year was, for some items, up to 100 per cent and above. The share of the cost of consumables from the clinic 's general recovery reaches 20%. If the cost of equipment and tools has increased dramatically, the reason for the change in the front lines has been noted by the expert.

For example, he clarified that the cost of dental tips for the year increased from 25 to 30 thousand roubles to 55 to 60,000 roubles, and they must be at least six grand in the office.

The list of dental items used in private clinics has thousands of names. The list of major dental producers is known brands from Germany, Japan, Italy. According to the head of the Ministry of Health, Veronica ' s merchandise imports are 86 per cent. Unfortunately, the range of products from domestic producers is small and is mainly limited to supporting materials.

Specialists recognize that Russian materials are of good quality, but they will not replace imported products soon. The dental system requires a large number of expensive equipment, consumablesthe pain and the tools.

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