2015 Dental Equipment

On the exhibition
Оборудование и квалификация

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On the exhibition

Sections of the Exhibition:
Medical equipment, equipment, tool;
♪ Laboratory and diagnostic equipment, instruments, systems;
♪ Pharmaceutical preparations, equipment;
♪ Means of hygiene, food additives;
♪ Ophthalmology, medical optics;
♪ Cosmetology, medical cosmetics;
♪ Practical health care: modern treatment and prevention, health services;
Medical science, new medical technologies;
♪ Training, health information;
♪ Sanatoria, resorts, health complexes.

Stomatology Exhibition Section:
♪ Dental installations, tools and materials.
♪ Sound equipment, consumables;
♪ Dental medicine and medicines;
♪ Modern dental methods and technologies;
♪ Means of disinfection and sterilization, means of infectious control;
♪ Means of hygiene to care for mouth and dental prostheses;
♪ Orthodontic products;
♪ Service and Repair of dental equipment;
♪ Dental services.

In the exhibition programme:
Health organizer's day.
Conference on topical dental issues.
Seminars, conferences, round tables for specialists and people on current health issues.
Presentations of new equipment and medical technologies.
A competition for the best exhibit.

Cybox Center exhibition complex,
Russia, 664050, Irkutsk, Baycal, 253a,
Tel: (395-2)352-900, 352-239, 358-223

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