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ФизиодиспенсерыOne of the main dentist tools is a physio-dispenser. The doctor treats inflammable dental channels, repairs lost teeth, and may also use ultrasound. It's also used in jaw-face surgery. On the basis of the purpose of this device, the importance of a qualitative outcome can already be judged. Pupil models are from Japanese, Austrian and Swiss manufacturers.

When selecting a physio-dispenser, it is necessary to focus on the basic qualities of this machine. The device consists of an electric motor, a PC generator, various ends, dispensaries, a control pedal, etc. Modifications of these elements affect differences in the model row and therefore the price of physi-dispensers. Out of pleasant additional options, it's possible to light the operating area. The special optical system built into the tool allows a clear view of the place of work. The power light reminds the daylight. Some machines are designed for a number of programmes, such as automatic stop, rotation control, speed adjustment. Some programmes are responsible for specific dental operations. In some physiodispenser models, it is possible to adjust programmes to a specific specialist.

It turns out design matters too in dental science. The extent to which the device is designed and easily designed depends, inter alia, on the simplicity of its maintenance. The heart of any machine is a motor. It is precisely because of its characteristics that the price of the model depends very much. The torque will tell us about the physiodispenser's multitasy. The safety of the device also depends on the engine power. The standard figure for most current machines is 80 N/cm. The dental system has a 50-60 N/cm. One more quality of the engine is his noise. It would seem a minor characteristic, but it's very important. By volume, you can determine the quality of the physi-dispenser. The louder the device works, the more psychological discomfort the patient gets. Besides, the extra vibration in the doctor's hands is a bad assistant.

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