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Presentation of the report by the Minister of Health of the Province of Mazharov
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Honourable Valery Veniaminović!
The distinguished members of the panel,

Social policies in our country have undergone significant changes in recent years. Additional public financial investment in health has led to a shift from the dead to issues that have not been resolved for many years.
In 2010, the provincial Ministry and health-care institutions continued their systemic transformation of the industry through the implementation of a priority national project on health, federal and provincial target programmes.
While it is worth noting that the past year 2010 is a year of work in the face of a financial crisis. In the development of the 2010 budget for the health sector, as in other social sectors, the costs of utilities, nutrition and medicines were not indexed and, moreover, the overall cost of health was reduced by almost 1 billion roubles. Therefore, in 2010 we were primarily tasked with finding domestic reserves, namely, working to balance health care (increase the least costly medical care and reduce the most costly medical care), optimizing the network and the number of institutions.
As a result of this work, without a significant change in the structure of the country ' s health-care facilities, we have been able to accomplish much of the task set out in the message of the President of the Russian Federation: to improve the health of the people of the Stavropol province.
The main performance indicators of the industry clearly demonstrate the numbers of the next slide.

At the federal level, attention was drawn to the low incidence rates in our province, as evidence of a lack of health care to detect diseases.

In 2010, total morbidity exceeded the 2009 level by 3.9 per cent, due to improved diagnosis.

A programme to improve the provision of care for cardiovascular diseases continues to yield significant results. In 2010, there were 26 per cent more cases of arterial hypertension than in 2009. However, the number of patients with myocard infarct decreased by 16 per cent in 2010 compared to 2009, and 11.5 per cent in stroke, significantly improved the insult diagnosis of their localization.
The number of patients with the first-ever known malicious innovations increased significantly last year, as is the case with improved diagnostics and preventive work.

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