Dental Equipment In The Premises

ПРЕМЬЕР ДЕНТ стоматология

Canuli in the summer, when dental doctors focused only on the functional side of dental treatment. Dental therapy is very important. There's no parodontic, orthodontic treatment, as well as dental implantation. The final result of your treatment depends precisely on the path of dental care as therapy.

The Vladikavaza therapy at the Everest 24 dental clinic will provide you with therapeutic dental services of varying complexity. Innovative techniques, materials and high-quality importing equipment used at the Everest 24 clinic in Vladikavkaz provide for the treatment and restoration of teeth without pain, based on aesthetic canons.

Dental therapy is a medical section that handles dental treatment, vinegar tissues and mouth sliding. Our specialists and those who restore the devastated teeth and give it an initial view. And in the city of Vladikavkas, you'll love it.

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