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The exhibition in Kelne in 2015 (from 9 to 14 April) was glory. There's a lot to talk about the great logic of the event, there's a lot about Keln's beauty. But it's different. You're almost reflexing Kelnmess with a single exhibition in Moscow and Guangzhou. And it's not good for the latter.

The fact that holding an exhibition twice a year in Moscow, taking into account that in our country we are only selling and inventing nothing (as in Germany or China) makes no sense (already stated a hundred times). In Germany, the exhibition is held once every two years. Which enables many companies to actually show novels and take sufficient space to expose.

Format, when manufacturers and dealers talk on the first day, and everyone else in the next few days, it seems we have a long time to move on to our exhibition.

There is no fair of goods that is confusing and not really showing novels. This evil must have come to us from Asian markets where everything is being sold here and now.

It's striking a huge number of free places for visitors who have become and even have just rest. Low-cost and delicious coffee and café with prices are often cheaper than outside the exhibition. Free catalogues and many indexes. Very sensual attitude of the organizers to the participants and to the exhibits. The locker room and free storage. As one of our great theatres said, the theater begins with the hamsters.

I don't even want to compare Kelnmess with Dental Expo. Let the organizers, if they're interested, change everything in the best. It's not strange that there were a lot of people from Russia. Like a crisis. But you get used to it fast. As long as everyone's gone there...

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