Review Of The Dental Market

Analysis of major trends in the Russian dental market
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Maligina T. Yu. Analysis of the main trends of the Russian dental market // Young scholar го 2016. го No11. го C. 832-836.

The study assesses the main trends of the Russian dental market through PEST-analysis. The characteristics and characteristics of the public and private sector of the dental market are highlighted, which contribute to their strategic development and adaptation to changing economic conditions or have a negative impact.

Key words: dental market, PEST-analysis, development trends

Health, as a key area of domestic public policy, is designed to perform essential social functions.

The level of health development determines the level of social development of the country and the quality of life of its population. The effective functioning of the system contributes to the reduction of diseases, productivity and life expectancy and, as a consequence, the growth of economic performance.

At present, dental services are the most dynamic in Russian medicine. However, the rapid development of the industry has led to a significant competitive transformation, an active redistribution of the market between private and public clinics. In doing so, the number of the latter has been steadily decreasing, making their future prospects particularly relevant.

Objective of the study: To analyse the main trends of the Russian dental market.

The analysis of the main trends of the Russian dental market has not focused much on the authors. Work can be distinguished [1, 2].

To analyse the main trends in the Russian dental market, the study will use PEST-analysis, a classic strategic analysis of the political, economic, social, technological factors of the external environment that influence the organization or, in our case, the industry. PEST-analysis will help to identify and assess the impact on the Russian dental market of the factors that pose a threat to it or can contribute to its development.

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