Suppliers Of Dental Materials And Equipment In Moscow

Problems of " traditional " dental ordering

  • Continuing call from several suppliers
  • Telephone, e-mail, at best
  • Absence of a part of the required products from a permanent supplier
  • Currency growth (most materials imported and price dependent on rate)
  • The procurement officer spends an average of more than one and a half hours each time

A survey among dental clinic managers revealed that most of the respondents were:

  • 2 or more monthly
  • not planned for a month
  • Received vendors from previous procurement experience
  • Number of at least 2 suppliers to monitor the prices of the application


  • Make a convenient online service, save time and money during periodic purchase of dental materials

2. Description of the implementation of the case and the creative path to find an optimal solution

We designed the main function in Axure.

More detailed prototypes and the first version of the site design.

When designing and testing the first version of the site, there were points that showed that part of the operation should work completely differently from market realities.

If there was a hard technical task, the project would be less flexible.

And in this case, we were able to see a breakthrough in time and deploy the project in the right direction, to the best of change the interfaces and to interact with the 2nd type of users: Representative of the dental clinic and dental assistant.

3. Results of cooperation

Service statistics

  • Material catalogue - 9,000+ entries
  • Dental clinics in Russia - 170+
  • Dental supplies - 80+
  • Total savings of clinics by service - 250,000+ roubles
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