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Оборудования Поворотный

W H is an internationally active family enterprise located in Buermos, Austria, and a leading supplier of accurate dental instruments in the world. Innovative products and service decisions, modern corporate structure and high levels of social responsibility make WARH an excellent partner for cooperation.

In 1890, two precision mechanics experts from Weber and Hamper (Waber Namper) opened the first dental instrument plant in Berlin. Since then, WOTH has maintained leadership in dental and machine production.

The main factory and office are currently based in Burmos (Austria). The " WOMH " firm has representations in Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Austria...

The development and production of VAN Dentalwerk products is occupied by highly skilled professionals. The presence of adapters in the line for any type of hose of dental plants from different world manufacturers allows the use of WON tools with virtually any installation.

In 1993, WOTH obtained ISO 9001 and EN 46001 quality certificates, one of the main indicators of product quality in Europe and worldwide.

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