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At the beginning of March, at a press conference held at the RIA Kalmakiya, Minister of Health of the RC Ruslan Nagaev announced that public pharmacy would be operational in the Republic as of 1 July. On 3 March, the President of the RC A. Orlova appointed Del Badmaev as head of the RC ' s Office. We met with Dela Semenovna and asked what preparatory work had been done to organize public pharmacy.

♪ Del Semenovna, tell me what's done to date?

♪ First, the Charter has been adopted, our establishment has been registered in the tax service and the UCF. Secondly, with the Minister of Health of the Republic of R. Nagaev, all the district municipal entities visited to open pharmacies in the centres, and they picked up premises. The main doctors in the district hospitals have decided on the question of referrals to
free use of premises, necessary equipment and recruitment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the major doctors in the district hospitals, where almost everything is ready to open the pharmacy. The Chief Medical Officer, Gilás Galzanov, provided all kinds of assistance and assistance, repaired the premises and acquired equipment. We found an understanding on the part of Ruslan Kayukova, the chief doctor of the Republican Child Health Centre. I would also like to express my great gratitude to Deputy EGS Ochiru Khalgaev for his sponsorship.

♪ Premises prepared, equipment procured, and how is the issue of staffing? There's no secret that the provisors in our republic, especially in rural areas, are missing.

♪ Yeah, so far, the question of recruitment is a big deal. However, the matter is being resolved, questions of the social package are discussed with candidates. To date, there are no specialists in the Cities, Katcheneros, Priutensky and Yashaltin districts. It is important for us to retrieve the professionals who have moved to other regions to work at home.

♪ What is the structure of the pharmacy?

♪ The structure of our office will include a pharmacy, 14 pharmacies, pharmacies in all district hospitals and the Elysta polyclinics, 4 pharmacy points in major health-care facilities such as the Republican Children ' s Centre, the Republican P. Zhemchuev Hospital, Republican dental A clinic.

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