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Territorial branches and divisions

Territorial Division No. 7, Belya Kalitwa and District, THORMO

Head of Division - Kalabukov Gennady Mihailović

The Belarusian region was established in 1923. The first settlement, the Kazachi town, appeared here in 1703 under Peter I. The town turned into the statue of Ust-Belokalitwin. In 1941, the shell became a working village and another name: White Calithwa. In 1958, it became the Belarusian region ' s race centre.

The nature of the area is unique. There are seven rivers in his territory, from a tiny Uncle to a nice North Dong. And their shores are scattered by Donetsk's rocks.

The population of the town and area is more than 102,6,000.

The PIP system comprises 4 medical organizations, with a total of 554 beds and a branch of IDF Panacea.

Territorial Division No. 7 is formed on the basis of the Belarusian branch established on 20 December 1993. The area of its responsibility includes three additional people, located in the north-east of the area: Tacinsky, Morozovsky and Milutinsky, with a total population of 100,000.

From 2006 to 2012, the division ' s team participated in the financial support of the priority national health project, and in 2011-2012. Health modernization programmes. The modernization programme has strengthened the logistics base of local health care: repairs to a number of facilities, acquisition of 314 modern medical equipment.

Work has been done successfully to ensure the financial implementation of hospitality standards and to improve the availability of outpatient care. In 2012 alone, 13.6 million roubles were allocated to health organizations in the region. The modernization programme has also achieved good results in the Moroz, Milutin, Tacin districts.

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