Dental Equipment Repairs

Tech support
Что находится за кулисами

In the area of post-guarantee services, please contact Stomat-Servis by telephone:


O'Stomatal Services.
Moscow, Lomonosovsky Prime, 4 k.2

A certified service organization is responsible for the repair of equipment* proposed by Stomacht.

Our specialists receive regular training on courses offered by manufacturers ' firms (OMS, UGIN, DEGUSSA, KAVO, DENTSPLY, CATTANI, VITA, BEGO, PLANMECA, MOCOM, OMEC, ECOM, ANTHOGYR, etc.) and are provided with the necessary technical documentation and relevant certificates giving the right to: Repair of dental equipment


Repair and maintenance of dental facilities (production of KaVo, O.M.S., Planmeca et al.):

  • Paper, launch, dismantle.
  • Monthly contractual service with organizations.
  • Non-recurrent services and repairs on client applications.
  • Installation of additional hinged equipment (remote stone removal tool, electric micromotor, etc.)
  • Upgrading (turbine final or micromotor, Autonomous Water System, separator)

Electrical and air micromotor repairs:

  • Prevention (full bulk)
  • Replacement of cheek
  • Replacement of stitches

Repair of dental turbine finals of imported KAVO firms, WH, Bien Air, Sirona et al:

  • Rotary replacements

Repair of dental micromotors at the ends of imported KAVO firms, WH, Bien Air, Chirana et al.:

  • Cartridge replacement
  • Replacement of kangi

Repair of oilless import compressors:

  • Electrical refrigeration
  • Replacement of mechanical components
  • Replacement of launchers
  • Pressure replacement.

Upgrading of Aspiration, Slumbing and Cattani vacuum cleaners:

  • Mono-Jet, Turbo-Jet, Turbo-Smart
  • Aspiration systems

Repair of polymerization lamps for domestic and import production.

  • Replacement of halogen lamp
  • Testing and setting of luminous flux power
  • Repair of light guides
  • Replacement of electronic components
  • Replacement of fans.

Renovation of dental equipment:

  • Ugin (France), Dentsply (United Kingdom), BEGO (Germany), Averon (Russia)
  • Replacement of muffles (heating spirals)
  • Replacement of thermocouples
  • Temperature calibration
  • Pastrophic equipment (soil, abrasive receptacle)
  • Repair of vacuum mixers, et.
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