Patient Position In Dental Chair

Removal of different categories of complexity
Положение пациента в

The removal of the tooth is the forced rupture of tissues linking the root of the tooth to the walls of the moon and the sky, and the removal of it from the alveol. When the dispersed and sparked roots are removed from the moon, the wall is moved during intervention and its entrance is expanding.

The Zub is removed by special guards and elevators. In some cases, they are not able to remove their teeth. Then they use a Bormachine to remove the bone that prevents the extraction of the root. In the case of bromachine, it is necessary to cool the isotone solution of sodium chloride, a solution of Ringer to prevent bone overheating.

In the removal of teeth, the lever principle is used. There are cheeks, pens and locks in the teeth and roots. Some of the sticks between the cheeks and the castle have a transitional part. The cheeks are intended to cover the crown or the root of the tooth. Hands are part of the stickers for which they are held and where the force is attached during the operation. The lock is located between the cheeks and the handles, serves for their rolling connection. To better retain the tooth or root of the cheek on the inner side, there is a needle with a small longitudinal cut. The outer surface of the pens is significantly reef, the inside is smooth.

The devices and the shape of the stickers vary. Their design depends on the anatomy of the tooth and its place in the tooth row.

For the operation to be successful, sheeps whose design matches the anatomy of the removed tooth should be used.

The operation begins with the Circle Band from the Cervical tooth and dess from the edge of the alveola. It's best to make a smoothie or a narrow flat dispenser. The tidy section of the roundabout and the eyebrows facilitates the movement of the cheeks to the sky and prevents the rupture of the slug during intervention.

Remote removal consists of a series of techniques carried out in a certain sequence: (1) locating pins; (2) moving the cheeks to the sky; (3) tying the caps (recording); (4) brushing of the tooth (close or rotation); (5) extraction of the teeth from the hole (transaction). The success of operational intervention depends on the clear and consistent implementation of these arrangements.

The dental operation is performed in dental chair♪ The correct situation of the patient and the doctor during this intervention depends very much. ♪

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