Purchase Of Dental Equipment

How do you choose a dental scaller?

Ultrasonic skatellor in dental science is equipment that removes tooth stones, dean sediments, soft-flying in teeth, and irrigated mouth. It finds widespread use in endodontology, implantology and paradontology. How do you choose the equipment that will be convenient for your staff and provide positive feedback to clients? We'll figure it out together.

Classification of ultrasonic skeilers

On the principle of work:

  1. Pneumatic - present at the end of the turbine hose dental equipment♪ There are small dimensions and low costs, but there is a large decrease in pesoelectrical devices.
  2. Piezoelectric
  • Installed - Installed in a dental facility that runs a pump of water. This, on the one hand, saves the resources of the workplace, but on the other, makes the equipment impossible in the absence of central water.
  • Autonomy is not dependent on central water, thanks to a separate capacity for distilled water. In addition to the usual water, various anti-septic solutions designed to irrigate the mouth may also be poured into it. In addition, such devices have increased mobility and can be easily relocated to another office or even a clinic.

We have dealt with possible principles of work. But how do you buy an ultrasonic skatellor cheap and get a wide-ranging operation? We'll figure it out.

How do you buy a low-cost ultrasonic skatellor?

In recent years, many manufacturers combine several devices in the hull of one device. Okay, today, you can buy skateboards that also include an apex or an endomotor. Of course, the cost of such equipment exceeds the value of the standard equipment, but it is lower than when each device is purchased separately.

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