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Dental equipment and its prevention
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For a doctor, equipment is an important factor in the quality of treatment. The correctly collected dental equipment allows for manipulation and procedures of different natures, from preventive and hygienic to surgical.

A number of requirements are required for this class. They relate to the operational question (argonomicity, convenience of work), the technical aspects (reliability, duration of service, repairability, possibility of modernization), cost.

The dental offices now use different machines and systems. Installations, compressors, Bormachines require operating and service regulations.

Timely prevention, replacement of kits ensures that devices remain functional throughout their lifetime. Planned Repair of dental equipmentmodernization avoids the cost of new complexes and installations. The service performed by professionals guarantees the correctness and quality of the work of the equipment.

We're serving equipment.

  • Dental installations
  • dental compressors
  • Dental ends (engines, etc.)
  • dental chairs (final, etc.)
  • Borms (sliph machines, sand structures, etc.)
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