Repair Of Mosquito Dental Equipment

Ремонт стоматологического

You're on this page, which means you have a need to repair dental equipment. Dental equipment is characterized by a large variety of species, manufacturers of this equipment, and models, modifications, etc. There's no clinic where all the equipment would be from one manufacturer. The same type of equipment is often the same, but different machines may be from different manufacturers, which means repair technology.

We're offering you a full range of dental equipment. We do not distinguish between expensive and cheap, between simple repairs and complicated. For us, this is all our work, which we do with quality and soul.

One of the tasks is to reduce the cost of repairs, not by using cheap materials and spare parts, but by accurately defining the broken element. We're not changing the whole block, but only the defective element, not the whole mechanism, but just the worn-out. Of course, we're checking out all the other details and elements. By eliminating the possibility of a fracture for another reason. We understand that the doctor doesn't care what reason his dental equipment doesn't work. It is important that, after repair, it work correctly and perform all of its functions.

We can work on straight contracts, on the offer. We can also help you write a technical assignment for electronic quotations and bidding.

Cost of departure of an engineer for repairs to Moscow (in the territory of ICAD)3,500 roubles.One hour of default work is priced.
Cost of each subsequent hour of work1,200 shirts.
Cost of departure of an engineer for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs4,500 shirts.
In addition to the specific sections of our site, we also provide repair and maintenance services for the following dental equipment:

Repair of polymerizon lamps;

Repair of accelerators;

Repair of ultrasonic baths;

Renovation of the Irregular Chambers;

Repair of surgical lights;

Repair of therapeutic lasers;

Renovation of physiotherapy machines for dentology;

Repair of sand-bearing therapeutic devices;

Repair of packing machines;

Repair of bulbs;

And a lot of things. We cover the entire spectrum of dental equipment.

The repair of all electronic equipment, we're only in our workshop.


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