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X-ray equipment and accessories
собой стоматологическое

Portable dental X-ray One of the necessary dental equipment. Its existence is primarily about the professionalism and quality of the clinic ' s treatment of patients ' problems. Long-range X-rays on modern machines are the key to choosing the right way to treat teeth.

To date, a large number of dental X-rays are available on the market. The choice is complicated by the fact that dental science as an industry is not standing on the spot and that was relevant yesterday is now being replaced by more effective and high-tech technology.

In this case, the best option is to purchase Portable X-ray equipment and necessary accessories - use qualified assistance.

A group of Union companies ического is the leader of the Russian dental market. In 18 years of work, we have developed an operational response to dental queries and accurate knowledge of market needs. Coordinated communications and well-designed delivery systems from leading producers (J. Morita, Kodak Dental Systems, Genoray and others) provide us with a complete range of techniques for X-ray, treatment and integrated dental support.

The most modern dental X-rays (stationary or portable devices) for large establishments, the compact installation for a small clinic, the necessary kits and accessories, all of which you can buy at favourable prices in Union.

We sell. X-ray equipment Moscow and Russia. The wide-ranging network covers all regions of our country. A convenient form of order, quick feedback from our professionals, attractive price offers, all of which will make you comfortable with our company. Call us to get details.

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